Monday, January 17, 2011

Is this the new year?

i think my new year has sprung to life only today. image being injected with a ceruim that gave you an awkard yearning for the future tyo be now. I'm not saying im impatient, but a little rus and sense of urgency towards daily episodes is key to keep us catching our breathe and sparking the fact that we are alive.
That feeling that gets you you talking to yourself, mumbling nonsensical truths that make perfect logic to you. Well call it humble reasoning, i think its just one of many ways that remind us that we are alive.

yes we would all like things to happen now, but the pure bliss of not knowing is the meal that feeds the one who doesn't think. We start thinking , we start wanting.We beginning realising that life is somewhat strange in the fact that we can change the course of it. But can we really?
yes i want to be a realist about my new year, but it does feel refreshing that if we think hard enough we can catch a glimpse of our surreal future.We all somehow have a vague idea of what we will do next , not knowing the pedantic is what i think makes life spicy.

So yes i do think about my future quiet often as i will know soon enough what ill be doing next, which gives me a better grasp of my life and ultimately the new year. And yes the future is literally in your hands if you think hard enough about it...

The situation.

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