Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Introduction of sorts---- Itumeleng Mokgadinyane

I introduce myself as "the situation". Well of the top my head I see it fit as my personality is rather unique, comically weird and in its entire potential is full of spontaneous occurrences.

The things   see are unique (to me obviously) but awkwardly are formed by my experiences, thought patterns, interest and slap bam right there in the middle is my age. I’m fruitfully young and honestly think that I’ve come across all sorts of wonderful default outcomes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from knowing all things great, but I could  defiantly at any given moment tell you the enlightenments I come across on a sequential basis.

It comes naturally to me to think around the box, as I’m extremely adaptive and unusually fit into any scenario. To re-think it, I’d say I’m an obsessive pedantic cool flowing molecule of energy.
From time to time I whimsically wish I could jack a couple of personalities from my aspirant self to become the (near) perfect individual. But sadly so, that’s defiantly not happening, for now I’ll continue getting the most of any situation by listening more of than speaking. Or rather speaking when I see it my responsibility to.

As we engage in this journey, many things will be revealed and inevitably exposed interms of my gnereal worldview and my strong view points, not to mention the lighter side of life. We do need the balance i say. Verve.

Spread it don't spread!?